Triquetra Pilates Studio
Love Life to the Core

Where you’re at
You use to do a lot of exercise, but due to back pain have practically stopped or have stopped completely. You keep looking for answers but haven't yet found something that works for you. You’re not sure you need personal training and are quite happy to go at it alone as long as you have an easy to follow training program.

The problems you have right now
You miss exercising but it's to painful to do it anymore. You’ve hit a serious plateau in your fitness and don’t know where to start to get to where you want to be.

What you need help with right now
You need to find the solution to your pain problem that can get you the on track and get you to your goals as quick as possible. You want to see good quick results as this will drive you to reach your personal fitness goals! You want to feel good about yourself right now and need to know that you are investing heavily enough in yourself to really change your life in the next 3 months.

The program that will suit you best is the ‘Jump Start’ Fitness Support Program
This program runs in 4 week cycles which will give you three 1-2-1 private session a week. This is the perfect way to not only introduce yourself to the world of Pilates and the Reformer but also to start feeling and seeing real results. By following the 4 week programme, your body will not only start to become used to the exercises and start to understand how Pilates can get you PAIN FREE, but you become more body aware and start to notice a difference in your day to day life. This can be maintained by continuing on 1 or 2 classes a week thereafter. What Does It Involve This is a 4 week programme and involves 12 x 60 minute sessions on the Pilates Reformer machine. You will get an all over body workout, but our main focus will be concentrated on specific “problem areas” such as getting you out of pain. Reformer Pilates is great for creating long, lean & toned muscles, increasing strength and improving posture. Pilates really targets the core abdominal area in all of its exercises, so is perfect for getting you out of Pain within 3 months.

Support also Includes
Bespoke Training and Online Support via a private Facebook support group.