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Success Stories

As a hairdresser standing all day I’ve suffered with back pain for many years and just put it down to an occupational hazard! Not until I was recommended to do Pilates by my doctor for my sciatica a friend recommended Cherry. I was unable to do any form of exercise because of my back I am now able to run at least a couple of times a week pain free!!!! I’ve got so much more energy as I am now breathing properly. I can’t recommend Cherry enough; no such thing as an occupational anymore thank you so much.” 
- Mrs A. Kehoe

“As a 54 year old asthmatic who has had pneumonia on several occasions over the last few years, my general health and breathing has improved immensely. By seeing Cherry twice a week over a 8 month period I have lost a stone and a half , my breathing has improved so much that I haven’t had an asthma attack in that time period, and I haven’t felt this confident in my body and all over health since my teens. Can’t believe the difference in my physique in such a short period of time. When colleagues who have been going to the gym for a number of years don’t look any different. I would recommend Pilates and Cherry to everyone.” 
- Mr. P. Kehoe

“I was seeking a Pilate’s instructor, mainly for back issues, and Cherry was recommended to me by a friend. I really enjoyed our weekly one to one sessions. I found Cherry to be a great communicator; by telling me what moves and stretches would help specific parts of the body. After just a few sessions, I am able to feel and see the difference in my body alignment and my back has improved a lot! I've since gone on to recommend Cherry to others, and will continue to do so....” 
- Miss A. Devlin